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Welcome to CentRealTech

Helping Customers achieve superiority in the face of business pressures, expanding markets and competition has become the “hallmark” of great satisfaction at CentRealTech over the years. Balancing new processes with adoptive learning, while challenging the status- quo is now taking Customers to world class levels as high performance organizations.

The Business of Embracing CentRealTech Solutions

When the time comes for an operational change for your business…what happens next…is there a need to look through your customer’s eyes at your performance…time to market, time to decision, contribution to effectiveness, process and profitability. At the same time, are you performing in the most efficient way possible…information processing, cycle time , leveling of excess overhead, expansion of products and services to enable growth and profitability for your company…don’t wait any longer…..let’s have a conversation and we will help you become part of a superior network of CentRealTech Customers.

CentRealTech Optimally Designed Software Platform

CRT embraces intelligent title data processing and machine learning to eliminate many of the manual steps that are currently being used in hybrid production models today. Our InteliSense® software platform is designed with maximum flexibility to address the way and where people work by adding streamline processes in data formats with seamless integration to support title production and the decisions made to deliver customer ready products. (Not an added production or IT infrastructure costs) The net impact of leveraging this advanced/automated technology will add process value by reducing time for production completion, achieve cost optimization throughout the ecosystem and achieve greater customer satisfaction for corporate owned, independent and jointly owned companies. This national convergence platform will energize regional business expansion, increase new joint ventures, add derivative value to the title/escrow and settlement service operations while aggregating and sustaining the inertia for best in-class business performance.