Our Solutions

CentRealTech provides Real Solutions based upon our revolutionary “high performance” technology and systems architecture ensuring rapid title searches and creation of complete digital title files within 2 to 3 minutes. The convenience of having the applicable chains, documents, product templates, and write- up codes all available in a single digital file creates a one seat solution whereby the title professional can perform an efficient title production process and create timely title products, all while minimizing the likelihood of errors.

Our Clients

One thing our clients agree upon is that differentiation is the key to success and that CentRealTech helps them rapidly achieve it. By embracing high performance strategies, our clients advance their state of readiness to support customers and improve their bottom-line. As clients implement change, CentRealTech helps reinforce their ability to develop the capacity for continuous improvement. This allows our clients to plan and implement new ways of working with their teams and organizations without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Our Technology

CentRealTech, Inc. is a “high performance” technology and service company that has developed and implemented one of the most powerful solutions for the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries. Providing technology solutions to the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries is a fundamental business strategy for CentRealTech and we strive to always provide excellent service, speed, and ease of use in all of our solutions. More than a provider of leading technology, CentRealTech partners with its Customers to ensure that they have the best Title Production Process available utilizing their own resources and those available from us.

High Performance results touch every customer..…count on CentRealTech to Deliver

“It’s Time for a New Direction”

Leading companies in the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries are now adopting new standards that embrace a “high performance model” that achieves breakthrough competitive advantages in the marketplace. Where status-quo is no longer an acceptable strategy and the ramification when disruption has altered the competitive landscape, a natural gap occurs and has created the opportunity for new visions, goals and ideas – “Its Time for a New Direction”.

Today, CentRealTech’s customers are receiving the Real Benefits of our fully automated Title Production Platform that provides closed loop property searches, access to property reports and data on a 24x7 basis, and delivery of “Title Ready” products in record breaking time. These new business processes, supported with front and back end technical interfaces, operate a paperless production and reporting platform that is networked via Software as a Service architected Internet portals. The digital information highway travels from customers, to title plants, to service operations centers, and back to the customer within hours, not days.

CentRealTech Update

CentRealTech continues to expand its product and service offerings for the Title and Real Estate Industries. Take a look at the new customizable score-carding tool that sorts and optimizes customer information before title work begins, the Trustee Sale Guarantee designed to provide recorded information pertinent to the foreclosure process and to assist the lender in a non-judicial foreclosure permitted in some states like California and a new automated search reporting production model customized to the customer’s requirements and seamlessly integrated to the customer’s production platform without manual intervention.

CentRealTech has designed and developed the revolutionary Central Exchange Network System & Environment (CENSE), a new transaction coordination platform for Realtors. This unique private eco-system integrates, coordinates and manages pre and post-closing information from Real Estate Broker/Agent, Title, Escrow, and Lender companies included in your private eco-system. This integrated technology and communication platform delivers superior performance through the complete deal cycle building stronger relationships and helps capture new customers. Another “high performance” customized service offered by CentRealTech.


InteliSense® is designed to maximize customer choice by selecting where and how to start working with CentRealTech. The platform optimizes operational tasks through automation to accommodate business needs and create an advanced, healthy and stable environment for current and future growth. A tiered business approach has been designed for customers to use the automated features for simple to complex production tasks, supports remote working environments, integrates to your in-house platform and 3rd third-party platform/software offerings (i.e. Data Trace, Resware). All of these success avenues can co-exist within your IT/production workspaces in moving normalized data freely along “infrastructure rails” with system interoperability. This platform will help transition analog/hybrid origination and complex operational models to true digitization and will permit data centric service innovation to become digitized assets with significant automation capability. Efficiency gains are facilitated through digital automation tools (Optical Character Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Hyperlinks, Robotic Process Automation, Asynchronous/Parallel Processing, Machine Learning) and implemented on a cloud services platform reducing downtime while improving speed to completion, and quality assurance.

Integration with ResWare Platform


Resware is designed for businesses with a vision to build customized solutions in partnership with CentRealTech. The need for establishing other IT infrastructure initiatives for onboarding the platform (i.e. firewalls to transport and connect data) are not required because the CRT platform is directly integrated to Data Trace and Resware with state-of-the-art security. Order submission is via email, spreadsheets and Resware workflow and uploaded to the client’s platform and/or 3rd party Software Vendors (ISV) platform.