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Company Overview - A New Approach to a Changing Industry

CentRealTech, Inc. is a privately held “high performance” technology and services company led by former title industry and technology executives. The team set out in 2007 to become an established brand within the Title Insurance and Real Estate industry. Our strategy is to provide innovative services and technology that will eliminate manual processes from current industry practices, incorporate streamlined work flow processes with integrated information flows, and deliver complete property searches that facilitate “title ready” products and documentation within hours of the initial request.

Management Team

CentRealTech is led by executives with over 100 years of combined domain experience in both the title insurance and software technology. That experience and diversity allows CentRealTech to confront the status quo and develop new solutions that facilitates operational transition to recognize the benefits of evolving technological change.

Partner Programs

CentRealTech’s Partner Network is a national global partner program for solution companies developing and delivering Title information solutions and services to the Title Insurance & Real Estate industry. It's designed to meet the needs of many types and sizes of businesses, ranging from regional to multinational companies delivering title & property solutions across the nation

Careers - Welcome to Careers at CentRealTech

If you are looking for a career opportunity that will keep you challenged—one with an innovative company that offers a great working environment and excellent benefits. We're looking for outstanding individuals who are passionate about their work and driven to succeed. Think you might be the perfect fit? We invite you to explore the possibilities

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