High Performance results touch every customer..…count on CentRealTech to Deliver
Our Clients

“Client high performance supports definable, quantifiable and achievable results”

One thing our clients agree upon is that differentiation is the key to success and that CentRealTech helps them rapidly achieve it. By embracing high performance strategies, our clients advance their state of readiness to support customers and improve their bottom-line. As clients implement chang e, CentRealTech helps reinforce their ability to develop the capacity for continuous improvement. This allows our clients to plan and implement new ways of working with their teams and organizations without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Client Service Level Reports tell the real story and are “the proof of concept” for defining and quantifying high performance title order results…these startling results are achieved by our professionals on a regular basis, but are also achieved by our clients’ own title professionals using our One Click System.


Over 90% of all title orders are completed within 24 hours


These exciting service level results are fast becoming an industry standard. As a result, our clients are expanding their market reach, improving operational performance, and delivering products and services more efficiently to their customers daily.

“Our Client Commitment”

CentRealTech is committed to helping our clients transform their Title Insurance and Real Estate services into High Performance Operations, while enabling them to create added value in complex markets, achieve stronger performance in the delivery of sustained value, reinforce ongoing customer loyalty, and increase profitable growth.