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Technology Drives Real Automation

CentRealTech, Inc. is a “high performance” technology and service company that has developed and implemented one of the most powerful solutions for the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries. Providing technology solutions to the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries is a fundamental business strategy for CentRealTech and we strive to always provide excellent service, speed, and ease of use in all of our solutions.  More than a provider of leading technology, CentRealTech partners with its Customers to ensure that they have the best Title Production Process available utilizing their own resources and those available from us.

Software as a Service

The One Click System was the first Software as a Service (“SaaS”) Automated Title Production platform to be offered to the marketplace; a solution that creates digital title files and stores all applicable documents, product templates, write-up codes, etc. available together in one location in a matter of a few minutes. Our SaaS platform delivered over the internet solution not only reduces total cost of ownership – no software and/or hardware to install or manage – but it also eliminates upfront and ongoing internal IT costs while providing greater productivity and ROI.

Systems Architecture

The Systems Architecture for the One Click System has been designed and implemented to include the latest technology and innovations, ensuring not only a robust solution, but one that is focused on ease of use. From its asynchronous integration to accelerate property searches, to its state of the art OCR technology, to our world class disaster recovery center for full operational back-up and to the use of hyper-links providing reports, mailings and storage efficiency, CentRealTech’s emphasis and strategic direction is that of a high performance technology and services provider.

Research & Trends

CentRealTech’s high performance technology has changed the way customers think about and execute business functionality and the results have impacted new standards for the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries. Value derived and now expected, will be provided through the execution of technological innovation when coupled with business practices. In reviewing these new standards each one by itself becomes a critical component to complete a property search and title process.

CentRealTech is committed to ongoing technology research, so expect to see more innovation as trends change over time. Remember, the ultimate test when incorporating a new technology and/or service is validation by the customer of what was delivered versus what was promised. The standards that have evolved for the Title Insurance and Real Estate Industries are now customer defined.