Title Production Process With Real Automation Solutions

CentRealTech provides Real Solutions based upon our revolutionary “high performance” technology and systems architecture ensuring rapid title searches and creation of complete digital title files within 2 to 3 minutes. The convenience of having the applicable chains, documents, product templates, and write-up codes all available in a single digital file creates a one seat solution whereby the title professional can perform an efficient title production process and create timely title products, all while minimizing the likelihood of errors.

CentRealTech is equally committed to providing exceptional client services in delivering best practices while creating client value with our Customer Services. A balanced professional approach works for our clients…our deep domain expertise in the Title, Real Estate, Escrow and Lending industries in process optimization allows us to quickly assess and expertly determine a path forward, thus setting expectations that drive consistent performance that is definable, measureable and achievable.


Title Production Solutions from CentRealTech

CentRealTech’s goal is to provide Title Production Solutions that are unique along with excellent service. As a result, our Solutions are designed to be flexible and to accommodate all of our Customers’ needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer the following Solutions that encompass the full range of possibilities for our Customers:

One Click System – for our Customers that want to do it themselves and require an Automated Title Production platform. This Solution allows their title professionals to perform the title production process from the opening of an order through title examination, to the issuance of the appropriate title products, including title policies.

Ultimate Services – for our Customers that want to have it done for them and require an outsourced solution. The Ultimate Services provides highly experienced, U.S. Based Title Professionals, each trained as experts on the One Click System, to perform the title production process utilizing our One Click System on behalf of our Customers.

United Services – for our Customers that want to have it both ways and require a combination of both an Automated Title Production platform and an outsourced solution. The United Services allows our customers to use their title professionals to perform the title production process when convenient for them and to utilize our pool of highly experienced, U.S. Based Title Professionals, when the need arises. This Solution provides the greatest flexibility to our Customers and is an attractive solution for those that encounter significant volume swings, without the burden of increasing and decreasing headcount.

Professional Services – for Customers that require Professional Services that require customization and alignment to business work-flow, decision making and process optimization. These services typically require the retrieval, dissemination and storage of timely and sensitive property related information.

CENSE (Central Exchange Network System & Environment) - The only private transaction coordination system in the real estate industry that helps grow and protect your valued customers’ business while providing system integration, tracking processes, and alert notification with close loop reporting & documentation to named Brokers/Agents, Title, Escrow and Lenders throughout the pre/post- closing process.

Other Solutions – for Customers that require property and related information quickly but do not require a guarantee or an insurance product. These products, such as Property Information Reports, Name Monitoring, Tax Reports, etc., are obtained quickly and accurately from property indexed databases and include embedded Hyperlinks to select recorded documents, information, and maps from Public Records. For those Customers that desire professional consulting services, CentRealTech is available to provide additional support as needed.