Ultimate Services

Title Production with Ultimate Services – U.S. Based Outsourcing

In today’s marketplace, you will have trouble finding cost effective, efficient and quick outsourcing solutions for your Title Production Process that are available with only highly experienced U.S. title personnel. In fact, there are quite a few outsourcing companies that provide solutions – but these companies provide solutions whereby some or all of the Title Production Process is performed offshore and do not provide you with Title Ready products. Consistent with CentRealTech’s “high performance” business strategy, our Team of Title Professionals is based in the U.S. and each professional has over 20 years of Title Production experience with U.S. Title Insurance Companies. Our Title Professionals provide efficient Title Production services utilizing the One Click System (“System”) from CentRealTech – a Real Benefit that you will also enjoy via Ultimate Services.

CentRealTech’s Ultimate Services is a full service Title Production Process whereby orders are submitted and Title Ready products are received back, all via the Web. Submitted orders are automatically processed by the System and within minutes a digital title file is assembled, including your Order Sheet, Order Summary, Property, Tax and General Index Chains, and all documents/images selected based on underwriting criteria with Exception/Information Codes assigned based on your Code Book. From there a Title Professional performs a triage of the Title File to ensure that the appropriate documents have been obtained, and if not, obtains them for the file. Exception and Information write-ups are completed with the appropriate data from the Hyperlinked, underlying documents utilizing our state of the art OCR tools. Then a Title Review is performed to ensure that all appropriate property data, Exceptions and Information notes, plat map, etc. are included in the order and the Title Report (Preliminary/Commitment/TSG, etc.) is generated automatically with the System. The Title Ready product is then forwarded to you for your QA review and issuance with available referenced documents/images Hyperlinked so that you and any user of the Title Report may have 24/7 access to the underlying information – all in a paperless system that does not require you to print a single document – distribution of a digital Title Report and access to a digital Title File is not only an efficient use of resources, but it is the right thing to do. Additionally, your digital Title Files are maintained for you and available 24/7 – our Ultimate Service does not end with just sending you a PDF or RTF version of your Title Report – we support your need for modifications, Date Downs, and changes as needed.

Features of Ultimate Services
  • All members of the Ultimate Service Team have over 20 years of Title Production experience
  • All Title Production is done On-Shore in the U.S.
  • Title Reports and Policies are provided Title Ready to you for QA review and issuance within 24 hours or less in most cases
  • Title Reports and Policies include embedded Hyperlinks to available referenced documents
  • Color Coded Maps available for display of Property Easements
  • Easy & Quick Date Down process for issuance of Updated Title Reports
  • Paperless System - Search package and all Title Reports & Policies created as digital files
  • All Title Reports and Policies, along with all underlying chains and documents/images stored digitally for your access 24/7
  • Distribution of Title Reports and Policies as a PDF available at all times
  • Automated Order Processing makes Order submittal Easy & Quick
  • Ultimate Service utilizes our One Click System to
  • provide all of the same benefits for Easy & Quick Title Production by our Team
  • Account setup includes underwriting logic and exception/write up codes, along with templates for tailored Title Reports and Policies
  • Search package is created utilizing underwriting logic and established code books
  • Ability to upload other digital documents from disparate systems or files and Hyperlink those documents where appropriate
  • Digital File Packaging of property, tax and general index chains, and documents/images as a PDF for appropriate distribution to escrow, legal, or others, if required
  • Interface solutions available for most escrow/trust accounting systems (AIM, FAST, iClosing, etc.)
  • Software as a Service architecture using your web browser and the internet for access to your Title Reports and files
  • No new software or hardware required

Our Ultimate Services are delivered to you as an outsourced service, whereby you only pay for each title order that is processed by CentRealTech. There is a one-time setup process to establish a custom profile within the user account, and any systems interface that maybe desired. The custom profile includes underwriting criteria, code books and Title Report/Policy templates, and other items that allow for the processing of the title orders and production of customized title reports in a matter of minutes. Each Title Report includes your Exceptions, and Informational notes, Plat Map, Disclaimers, Wiring Instructions and any other documents or disclosures required. Your Title Report also includes embedded Hyperlinks to available documents referenced in your Exceptions, and Informational notes, such as Trust Deeds, Assignments, CC&Rs, Trustee Sales Notices, etc. And when a Date Down is required for a Title Report, it is a simple update process to issue an Updated Title Report within minutes. Additionally, if you desire to bring your Title Production Process back in-house, CentRealTech offers a cost effective and efficient solution – our One Click System – the only true automated, single seat, full service solution for the title industry