United Services

Title Production with United Services – A Partnership of Resources

With United Services, you can have it both ways - utilizing the “high performance” technology and system architecture of the One Click System and enjoying the staffing flexibility that will provide you with the ability to maintain an even resource level even when your volumes vary significantly. This combination of both an Automated Title Production platform and an outsourced solution provides you the best of both worlds and allows you to react immediately to your staffing issues as they arise. Use your own title professionals to perform the title production process when convenient and when you need help, you may easily supplement your pool of talent with our highly experienced, U.S. Based Title Professionals. This partnership of resources provides the greatest flexibility to our Customers and is an attractive solution for those that encounter significant volume swings, without the burden of increasing and decreasing headcount.

As a partnership of resources, we collaborate with you to determine your needs and requirements to help you optimize your title production process and provide the solution to your resource ebbs and flows while you receive the Real Benefits from the One Click System and Ultimate Services. Our United Services solution provides the most flexible and responsive approach to situations where internal title resources are present, yet the need to manage volume variations is critical.