Other Solutions

Other Solutions – Property Information

Having information that is specific to your needs and that is quickly available can be a critical factor in maintaining a “high performance” strategy in the marketplace today. Our Other Solutions are for Customers that require property and related information quickly but do not require a guarantee or an insurance product. These Solutions are automated reports that provide information quickly and accurately from property indexed databases and include embedded Hyperlinks to select recorded documents, information, and maps from Public Records. However, these products are only good if they solve your problem and meet your needs.

Our automated products have been designed based on Customer requirements from many industries – customers that have a common need for quick & easy access to accurate and low cost products & services related to property information. CentRealTech realizes that each customer has unique business issues, no matter what industry they may reside within. We listen to our Customers and help them define their requirement in terms that are easily addressed with property indexed information that provide superior solutions.

Our goal is to provide Real Solutions with products and services that address real business needs for all industries, such as Banking & Lending, Credit & Collection, Real Estate, and Mortgage Banking, to name a few. While we believe that our standard suite of products will provide the solution for our Customers in most situations, we do provide customized solutions in those cases where our standard products do not completely address a customer requirement.

Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG)

This service provides key documentation to meet the needs of a trustee or attorney contemplating the foreclosure of a Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture. The documents identify all persons who, according to the public records, are entitled to receive notice of the contemplated trustee's sale. It also contains other necessary information to conduct a trustee's non-judicial foreclosure. CRT recognizes that the TSG is a practice area where professional expertise is required to facilitate and ensure complicity of process in accordance with government regulations.

Scoring Tool

This is a “game changer” that uses CRT’s foundational software to leverage the speed of digital information to streamline the initial decision making process for individuals, property, investors, lenders, attorneys, etc. An electronic scorecard will be optimized using client criteria and thus empower clients to make “smart/informed decisions” before time and money advances to the next step. Additional value becomes fully optimized when the client decides to make the decision because all “key” chain documents can be made available by CRT‘s On-Line Production System within minutes.

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