CENSE Services

CENSE Services – Central Exchange Network System & Environment  

CENSE allows the Realtor to manage the data of every transaction from their computer and smart phone in real time. The platform can be used by the Real Estate Broker, the individual agent and any vendor participating in the eco-system to manage all transactions. CENSE automatically monitors and provides real estate transaction status, alerts and notifications (pre/post-closing) through a dashboard and with on line access for broker, agent, coordinator and interested parties delivering secured information 24/7 via email or text to your computer or smart phone. As transaction milestones are achieved and documentation is recorded information is automatically updated in the system, bundled and distributed in accordance closure procedures.

CENSE further enables eco-system participants to utilize end to end services with flexible business and technology options that provide immediate added value and deliver distinct advantages in document retrieval, storage, distribution, direct marketing and transaction coordination for closing any real estate deal.

Your Private Ecosystem



Ø  Invite your Vendors and Service Providers to join your Private Network-CENSE (Central Exchange Network Systems & Environment) Ecosystem.

Ø  Coordinate Your Real Estate Transaction(s)

o    Agent Level

o    Broker Level

Ø  Dashboard of Important Items to be completed in transactions

Ø  Email Messaging and Text Messaging enabled (Automatic Alerts)

Ø  Title, Escrow and Lender can be Integrated

Ø  Secured Document Storage

Ø  Disclosures

Ø  R.E. Contract, etc.

Ø  Status reporting by transaction, individual, office or company