One Click System

Title Production with the One Click System

Title Production Process Automation

In today’s marketplace, you will have trouble finding many automated systems to replace or enhance your current Title Production Process. In fact, there are quite a few outsourcing companies that provide solutions – but they are not truly automated solutions that you can implement within your title plant – they are just another manual system performed by outside labor. There is only one automated solution from a “high performance” company in the marketplace today – one that is a truly an automated, single seat, full service solution for the title industry – and that is the One Click System from CentRealTech.

Using the One Click System, you can reduce the processing time for your orders by more than half of what they were prior to implementing this solution. A large amount of time and effort is eliminated upfront as the One Click System assembles and builds your digital title file in about 2 to 3 minutes per individual transaction – and save even more time by batch processing your orders. The convenience of all applicable documents, product templates, write-up codes, etc. available together in one location allows for a very efficient one seat solution to perform title production and create title products.

The One Click System is delivered to you via your web browser and is offered as a Software as a Service solution, whereby you pay only for each title order that is processed through the System. There is a one-time setup process to establish a custom profile within the user account, and any systems interface that maybe desired. The custom profile includes underwriting criteria, custom code books and report/policy templates, and other items that allow for the processing of the title orders and production of customized title reports in a matter of minutes.

Features of the One Click System
  • Fully automated Title Production system
  • True One Seat System that is Easy & Quick
  • Software as a Service architecture using your web browser and the internet for access
  • No new software or hardware required to implement the One Click System
  • Interface solutions available for most escrow/trust accounting systems (AIM, FAST, iClosing, etc.)
  • Easy & Quick Date Down process for issuance of Updated Title Reports
  • Paperless System - Search package and all Title Reports & Policies created as digital files
  • All Title Reports and Policies, along with all underlying chains and documents/images stored digitally for 24/7 access
  • Account setup includes tailored underwriting logic and exception/write up codes, along with templates for tailored Title Reports and Policies
  • Search package is automatically created within 2 minutes of submittal of order
  • Search package is created utilizing customers underwriting logic and established code book assigns exception/write up codes automatically to the documents/images obtained
  • Ability to populate title products with appropriate text from images, such as legal description, vesting, etc., using OCR technology and tools
  • Ability to upload other digital documents from disparate systems or files and Hyperlink those documents where appropriate
  • Easy automated creation of Title Reports and Policies as word and/or PDF documents
  • Ability to easily package property, tax and general index chains, and documents/images as a PDF for appropriate distribution to escrow, legal, or others
  • Professional services are available for title production outsourcing (Ultimate Services) and operations consulting
  • Easy & Quick Title Report creation and issuance with embedded Hyperlinks to available referenced documents

The One Click System provides you with Easy & Quick access to the property chain, general index, tax chain, and selected documents from all chains – all available digitally 24/7 for your convenience – along with the applicable Title Report (Preliminary, Commitment, Litigation Guarantee, etc.). Each Title Report includes your Exceptions, and Informational notes, Plat Map, Disclaimers, Wiring Instructions and any other documents or disclosures required. Your Title Report also includes embedded Hyperlinks to available documents referenced in your Exceptions, and Informational notes, such as Trust Deeds, Assignments, CC&Rs, Trustee Sales Notices, etc. And when a Date Down is required for a Title Report, it is a simple process to issue an Updated Title Report within minutes. Additionally, if the need arises to avail yourself of outside help with your Title Production volume, CentRealTech offers a cost effective and efficient solution – our Ultimate Services – whereby we provide onshore Title Production capability utilizing personnel with substantial domestic title expertise.