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Title Insurance & Real Estate Industries


We are proud to serve some of the world’s most successful Title Insurance and Real Estate service companies in helping them transform their service organizations to better compete in today’s challenging business environments.

“Changing Marketplace”

The Title Insurance & Real Estate Industries by their nature are very competitive, but have been slow in the adoption of technology that reinforces the ability to develop and expand capacity, improve process efficiency, reduce overhead and claims, and improve profitability.  The threat of disrupting established processes and the need for continuous human intervention is fast becoming a myth.  Business operations and processes by their very nature are dynamic and should be constantly challenged.  Without disrupting the status quo, count on your competition that embraces change and technology to pass you by.

“Prospering in a Complex Title Insurance & Real Estate Market”

Today, CentRealTech’s clients are benefitting from a fully automated Title Production Platform that provides access to immediate property searches, reports and data on a 24x7 basis. They enjoy delivery of “Title Ready” products in record breaking time. These business processes that interface with title plant portals provide a paperless title production and reporting platform. This digital information highway travels from customers, to title plants, to service operations centers, and back to the customer within hours, not days.

New industry standards are being created in the marketplace and our clients have realized that compliance is not an option if they want to be competitive, thrive and stay in Title Insurance & Real Estate Industries.

How Does Your Business Service Portfolio Measure Up?


Our clients have compared their title production processes and results with those achieved using the CentRealTech operational solutions. They found that the only way to measure up to the changing market environment is to utilize one of the available solutions from CentRealTech – through processing orders with our One Click System using their own title production team or with our Ultimate Services using our title production resources. In either case, count on our high performance Software as a Service platform to deliver timely and accurate property products while providing complete transparency to your business operation on a 24/7 basis.

Utilizing CentRealTech’s Title Insurance & Real Estate services ensures the delivery of your title products in record time - from the submittal of the order to the issuance of a title policy.